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Clara's Walk With Hope Page

Clara Fraschetti

Clara Fraschetti

This year, more than ever, we are determined to hang on to reasons to hope. "Together in Spirit" we are walking 5km as a celebration of our connectedness during this year of social distancing. Please join us in whatever way you can - doing your own virtual walk, offering a donation or holding us in your thoughts as we navigate these uncertain times. Thank you for the ways you help to create a more human society with us.

Clara Fraschetti


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1. Glynis Ranney
Go Red Team!! Much love from the Ranney Nadajewski’s ♥️
2. Anonymous
3. Marina Mumtaz
Lots of blessings and we pray everyone with stay safe
4. John David Ashworth
5. Andrew And Barbara Roberts, In St Andrews, NB
With best wishes and high regards for your commitment and involvement to an important endeavour encouraging inclusive communities.
6. The Silver Family
With love from the Silvers!
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